by Owen McCafferty
August 28 – October 5, 2008
The Storefront Theatre
Gallery 37 Center for the Arts
66 E. Randolph Street

Continuing Seanachaí Theatre’s tradition of Irish storytelling, this play, by Owen McCafferty, smashes the “Big Picture” into vivid snapshots of intimate groups of people. Moving from shops to pubs to life on the street, the urban story masterfully weaves together the lives of twenty-one characters in forty scenes into a 24-hour slice of contemporary Belfast life. Originally presented by London’s Royal National Theatre in 2003, this production was the Midwest premiere.

2009 Joseph Jefferson Nomination: Ensemble

Bop Torbett Jamie Abelson
Maggie Lyttle Anne Sunseri
Maeve Hynes Kat McDonnell
Joe Hynes Thomas Vincent Kelly*
Sammy Lennon Don Blair
Betty Lennon Margaret Kustermann
Connie Dean Lee Stark
Theresa Black Sarah Wellington
Dave Black Jeff Christian*
Frank Coin J David Moeller
Robbie Mullin Chris Hainsworth
Shanks O’Neill Eamonn McDonagh
Bobbie Torbett John Dunleavy*
Sharon Lawther Barbara Figgins
Helen Woods Carolyn Klein
Paul Foggarty Jeff Duhigg
Cooper Jones Niall McGinty
Swiz Murdock Zeke Sulkes
Harry Foggarty Tom Hickey
Spilo Johnston Sean Bolger
Rat Joyce Shane Kenyon
*Member of Actor’s Equity Association
Director Scott Cummins
Stage Manager Nikki Lint*
Scenic Design Joey Wade
Lighting Design Nick Matonich
Sound Design Rob Steel