The US Premiere of

By Deirdre Kinahanrecommended_white_drop
Directed by Joanie Schultz

May 25 – July 3, 2016
at The Den Theatre

Jeff Award Nomination – Dan Waller, Best Actor in a Leading Role

In a seaside town, the lives of single parents Conor and Susan collide with unimaginable consequences.   What is truth? What is love? And what does it take to forgive the unforgivable?… Deidre Kinahan, playwright of the acclaimed Irish drama Moment, paints an unflinching portrait of a man struggling to adapt to a world spinning out of his control, and the lives he impacts on his descent.

Featuring ITC Ensemble members Jodi Kingsley, Carolyn Kruse, and Dan Waller, with guest artist Tyler Meredith

“Spinning boasts the sure, sensitive hand of star director Joanie Schultz, who gives each character equal attention and reverence. Set designer Grant Sabin’s sloped wooden stage is simple but powerful… Kingsley is the picture-perfect anguished mother. Her tears are genuine, her anger frightening and righteous. Meredith portrays unsure adolescent Annie with an authenticity that’s borderline chilling. Waller presents a stunning arc as a loving man gone out of control, and Kruse brings an intelligent humanity to Jen. Without a doubt, Spinning is a compelling, emotional parable. RECOMMENDED” ~ read full review

“Director Joanie Schultz’s cast is terrific. She’s paced her drama with a growing sense of darkness, staged with economy and sincerity. Dan Waller, a respected and revered Chicago actor, holds Conor in his heart and soul. Jodi Kingsley, so excellent in “A Little World of Our Own,” truly shows Chicago audiences the vast scope of her talent. Carolyn Kruse journeys from intoxicating beauty and seductive lover, to devoted wife, mother and career woman, and finally becoming a woman for whom life has turned stale and unexciting. In many ways, Ms. Kruse’ fine portrayal is much the same path that talented Tyler Meredith, as Annie, must also travel. Both actresses understand their characters’ passion for something new and they play their wants with desperation and thoughtless abandon. This is a play to be savored, rather than enjoyed… the road shared with these four flawed characters as they travel, so filled with hurt, is a path to enlightenment for the audience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” ~ read full review

“Waller delivers an impressive range… His ability to quickly flip the emotional switch keeps the storytelling captivating. Schultz stages this with all the actors present. When they aren’t in the scene, they either have their back to the action or they helplessly watch the flashback. At one point, a remorseful Waller watches as Kingsley allows the precocious Meredith to straighten her hair… Her past happiness is a strong contrast to her palpable anguish in the present day. Kingsley pulls us into her despair so completely I get teary. The love between a parent and a child is this play’s emotional essence. And the loss of a child is the unforgettable takeaway.  SPINNING is powerful. Following the thunderous applause, one audience member uttered ‘wow!’ I heartily agree. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” ~ read full review


Conor   Dan Waller      Director  Joanie Schultz      Technical Direction  Matt Isler
Susan   Jodi Kingsley      Stage Manager  Jen Bukovsky      Dialect Coach  Kathy Logelin
Annie   Tyler Meredith      Scenic Design  Grant Sabin      Costumes Aly Amidei
Jen   Carolyn Cruse      Sound Design  Thomas Dixon
     Lighting Design  Cat Wilson

*Member of Actor’s Equity Association

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